Announcements From PlayStation’s State of Play

PlayStation has aired their new State of Play earlier today, it was fine for what it was with no big surprises. They showed most of what everyone thought they would including a big rumored game reveal and a look at a game we haven’t seen anything on in over a year.

The first game shown is Untitled Goose Game from House House. The “slapstick-stealth-sandbox” is finally coming to PS4 (and Xbox One) on December 17th after releasing on PC and the Nintendo Switch a few months ago.

Next up is SpellBreak, a AAA fantasy Battle Royale experience featuring epic magic combat and powerful spellcasting. The game is set for release in 2020 with a Closed Beta coming in the Spring of 2020.

Dreams from Media Molecule has gotten an official full release date after being in Beta for a few months of February 14th, 2020.

Pillow Castle Games first-person puzzler, Superliminal has also got a New Trailer and Release Date of April 2020.

We get our first PSVR title of the presentation with Paper Beast. It’s being described as “a dreamlike odyssey in a surreal wildlife simulation”. The game is from a new developer, Pixel Reef and is set for release in Q1 2020.

Square Enix comes up with a Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind DLC Trailer. The Trailer was leaked days ago so the only other things I’ll go over is the release date of January 23, 2020, and the MSRP of $29.99.

We get another look at Predator: Hunting Grounds from Illfonic. The multiplayer shooter will release on April 24, 2020. Also, there will be Pre-Order Bonuses to an “Exclusive ’87 Predator Skin” and “Early Access to Ole Painless Mini-Gun.

A Teaser Trailer for a new game called Babylon’s Fall is shown, and is made by a collaboration from Square Enix and PlatinumGames. More information on the game is said to release next summer.

We then move on to the biggest announcement from the State of Play with the long-rumored Resident Evil 3 remake set for release on April 3, 2020. The game will also have a new 1v4 online multiplayer set in the Resident Evil Universe, the mode is called Resident Evil Resistance. You can view a lot more info on Resident Evil 3 here.

Resident Evil 3 is available for Pre-Order now and has a collector’s edition available as well.

We end the State of Play with a look at one of the most anticipated games of this ending generation, Ghost of Tsushima. Sucker Punch has given us a look at a trailer that will be shown in it’s full at The Game Awards, this Thursday. For now, we only get a little teaser.

And that’s the end of the State of Play, there weren’t any big announcements minus Resident Evil 3 and the announcement the upcoming full trailer for Ghost of Tsushima. We did get some good looks at a couple of indie titles and another PSVR title, so, all in all, I would say it was a good State of Play from PlayStation and accomplished what it needed to.

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