Information on The Controller & Ports of the Xbox Series X Shown At CES 2020

To the surprise of many, the world got its first look at the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards just last month. The gaming world was off to the races at that point as more speculation and talk echoed throughout everyone online. It was exactly what Microsoft wanted and they definitely got it, I see someone talking about the Xbox Series X in some shape or form since the reveal trailer.

Microsoft hasn’t given too much more info since the reveal, but we finally got a more complete look at the Xbox Series X and the controller at CES 2020. The rear of the console was shown in better detail and shows all the ports of the new system.

From what we’ve been shown, the ports are:

The Rear:

  • 1 Ethernet
  • 1 Optical
  • 2 USB-C
  • 2 HDMI
  • 1 Power

The Front:

  • 1 USB-A

We also see a closer look at the new Xbox Controller and there doesn’t seem to be too much difference from the previous generations controller. The only differences are a couple of minor design choices such as the Home button, the D-pad, the addition of what looks to be the share button, and what looks to be a USB port on the bottom.

It’s not too much new information we’ve been given, but it’s enough to keep up the talk among the gaming industry, which in the end is the goal for Microsoft.

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