UFC 4 Official Gameplay Trailer Released Showing New Features

As someone who’s a big UFC fan, I look forward to these UFC video game releases since I know it’s probably the only big MMA game we’ll get. After 2 since the release of UFC 3, EA has finally made UFC 4 and the game is set to come out next month.

After the initial announcement trailer, a BETA release, and a gameplay trailer it seems that release is full steam ahead. If you played the BETA for UFC 4 a short while ago you’ve already seen most of everything shown in the gameplay trailer but I know a lot of people who didn’t get the chance to play the BETA and don’t know some of the new features added.

The gameplay trailer shows a complete overhaul of the clinch system, redesigned ground and pound, improved striking, new stun moments, and a big focus on RPM (Real Player Motion Technology).

EA has yet to release more in-depth information on certain aspects of the game such as Career Mode, the Backyard Brawls, and new Online modes, Whether or not they will before launch in just under a month is unknown right now. As I said earlier as someone who’s an MMA fan I look forward to these releases because I know it’s all we’ll get when it comes to a big budget MMA video game. The last couple of entries from EA in the series have been a mixed bag for me, so I hope UFC 4 brings me the type of exciting and fun MMA video game I’ve wanted since the Fight Night games years ago.

UFC 4 is set for release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 14th.

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