Xbox Series S Reportedly Revealed To Cost $299

Update: Microsoft has officially confirmed the Xbox Series S will launch at $299

The wait for more info on next-gen console info has been a slog this generation. We’re two months out from the release of the PS5 and the Series X and have yet to get any new information on either console when it comes to pricing and release date. Now it seems as though we have an idea of the price for at least one version of the next-gen consoles.

The Xbox Series S (Digital Only Console) is the worst-kept secret at this point. Everyone knows it’s coming and Xbox has yet to reveal it officially. PlayStation even beat Microsoft to the punch and revealed their Digital Only Console back at the PS5 reveal event. We’ve been waiting with bated breath on bug next-gen info and we may have gotten just that in the form of a leak.

With reporting from reputable source Brad Sams, it seems as though we now know the price and design of the Xbox Series S.

The price of the Series S is $299.99 which I know will be very appealing to a lot of people. The design is similar to that of the Series X but much slimmer and the big difference is the big circle on the side that looks like a speaker. Xbox hasn’t officially announced anything yet but with this evidence, it’s hard to imagine they’ll keep quiet for much longer.

Xbox Series X is set for release in Holiday 2020.

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