Xbox Series X|S Storage Expansion Card Will Cost $219.99 USD

In the last couple of weeks, Xbox hasn’t been the concern of announcements. First, there was the pricing and release date info for the Xbox Series X|S. Then there was the massive announcement that Microsoft is purchasing ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda.

Now, Microsoft has sent out fully functioning Xbox Series X consoles to many large media in the industry who will give their thoughts and impressions sometime soon. Everything is heating up on Microsoft’s side and now they’ve made an announcement that has left many with divided opinions.

Some reading this will be no stranger when it comes to storage expansion on consoles. The bigger these games get, the more space we’ll need to download them (Call of Duty players will understand this far too well). The Xbox Series X|S Expansion Storage Card was known about for a while now and we’re just now getting official word from Microsoft on the pricing and release.

The Xbox Series X|S Expansion Storage will come with 1 TB of storage and will be available for $219.99 USD. It will release on November 10th, the same day as the release of the Xbox Series X|S. Jason Ronald from Microsoft explained the reason for the high cost of the storage expansion card was that “this level of consistent, sustained performance requires advanced components which comes at a higher cost than traditional hard drives or SSDs often found in PCs.” An Xbox Wire post goes more in-depth on the storage expansion card and other custom storage options should this card not be accessible to you.

Xbox Series X|S is set for release on November 10th at the retail price of $499 (Series X) and $299 (Series S).

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