PlayStation 5 Hands-On Impressions – Gameplay, Visuals, & Console

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Not too long ago, Sony held a media event for select press in Japan showcasing the PlayStation 5. Media were able to take close up pictures of the console and its controller, the DualSense. Not just that, they also were able to play a couple of games coming to the PlayStation 5 on launch including Godfall and Astro’s Playroom, and showcase some features for the next-gen console.

The preview article from mentions the console was a “development version” and only the PS5 with the disc drive was accessible with the disc-less version nowhere at the event. said they weren’t able to shoot the bottom or the back of the console at all but they were able to shoot the front of the console, vertically and horizontally.

Next, we move on to the controller for the PlayStation 5, the DualSense. The controller design itself isn’t all that different from the DualShock 4.

The light bar is one of the biggest design changes with the light coming through the touch bar instead of on the back of the controller. The Options and Create buttons are at more of an angle, and then there’s the addition of the microphone mute button.

In one of the above pictures, you’ll see the DualSense has one little light under the touch bar. Turns out this light can go up to 4 LED lights to help with identification when it comes to multiplayer and controllers connected to the PlayStation 5. You can look at it in practice below.

If there’s one thing most people are going to care about when it comes to the PlayStation 5 is the games themselves and how they play.

Famitsu put up videos showcasing the visuals, animations, and gameplay for Godfall and Astro’s Playroom. These videos are in 4K, not to mention it also gives us a small look at the SSD capabilities of the PS5.

Note – All of the footage below is in Japanese Text

Godfall Gameplay

Astro’s Playroom Gameplay

SSD Capabilities

PlayStation 5’s release is coming up rapidly, in just over a month the world will get their hands on both next-gen consoles. The communication from Sony this time around has been unorthodox but it seems like we’re finally getting more info from them.

PlayStation 5 is set for release on November 12th in certain territories and November 19th worldwide and will release for $499 (Standard Edition) & $399 (Digital Edition).

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