PlayStation 5 UI Officially Revealed

We’ve gotten the console design, the release date & price, the official teardown video, and now we have the PS5 UI breakdown. PlayStation released an 11-minute look at key aspects and features of the new PS5 UI.

The video starts with the startup screen and PSN login. After being in rest mode, the PS5 opens up with Sackboy: A Big Adventure playing in the background while you’re in the newly designed control center where you can join parties, look at notifications, see which friends are online, and much more.

In the final above image, you’ll see the new cards system in play. These cards have recent news from the games you play, media captures, and activities that can show objectives and progress left in a certain section. PS Plus members have exclusive access to “Game Help”, a feature that allows you to get hints to completing a certain part you may be stuck on without having to look it up on the internet.

A nice little feature is the screen share addition to the PS5. Friends can screen share their gameplay with you and others that may be in their party. You can watch their gameplay while you’re still playing yours with picture in picture mode, which is going to be a welcome addition to those who play multiplayer with friends frequently.

Capturing photos and videos on the PS5 is in full effect in this breakdown, you can now capture, review, and post later and it also seems as though you can edit your captures, to what extent is unknown. Captured photos and videos can go up to 4K in resolution.

That’s it in terms of noteworthy things to mention from this breakdown. A couple of minor things to note is that media content will have its separate area aloof from the game content. The PlayStation Store is no longer a separate app and is fully integrated with the hardware itself.

Next-gen is under a month away and November is going to be an exciting (yet, expensive) month for anyone getting their hands on the next-gen consoles and the games that are coming with them.

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