Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 (PlayStation) Review

Disclaimer: Review Unit for Stealth 700 Gen 2 Was Kindly Provided for this Review

With the release of new hardware, you just know companies are going to start ramping up the design and production of their headsets. Turtle Beach has been one of the leaders in this department for a while now along with the likes of Astro and SteelSeries.

As of this writing, the PlayStation 5 was released over a month ago. New console hardware means new capabilities in terms of audio design. I’ve spent over a week with the Stealth 700 Gen 2 from Turtle Beach and I feel I’ve done enough testing to finally give my overall thoughts on this headset and what it accomplishes.

First thing to note is that the overall design of the Stealth 700 may feel a bit stiff at first. When I first put them on, it struck me that it felt tighter than I expected. It took me an hour or two to get used to and eventually the stiffness didn’t bother me as it originally did. I know for a fact that tons of people wildly prefer over-ear headsets, so that aspect will be right up their alley as it is with me. The cushioning is satisfying and doesn’t wear on your ears after a couple of hours of playtime.

It’s a nitpick but my biggest issue with the design is how it feels to wear around your neck. The headset isn’t gargantuan in its own right, but it’s not comfortable to wear around unless they’re on your head. Putting this headset around your neck is extremely uncomfortable and when I’d need to take off my headset I just took it off completely instead of settling them around my neck like I usually would.

To put it simply, I think the overall design works fine for what it’s supposed to accomplish. To be comfortable while you play and not feel like you need to constantly fix the positioning.

I’m a huge fan of the way the microphone is integrated into this headset. The mic is positioned inside the left cuff of the Stealth 700, which easily retracts in and out seamlessly. When you retract the mic inside the headset it mutes, when you retract it outside the headset it unmutes. It may seem like a big deal to some but that design choice is such a welcome change as opposed to a mute button.

Speaking of buttons, let’s go over each one and how it’s positioned and used on the headset. The buttons are placed on the left ear cuff of the headset, the same as the mic. You have Bluetooth connectivity, Power, Mode Button, Mappable Wheel, & Volume Wheel. The Mode Button & Mappable Wheel are interesting additions. Using the Turtle Beach Hub App, you can change the mode that your headset uses which varies from superhuman, game preset, and mic noise gate. I personally never found the use for this particular feature, I recommend just keeping superhuman mode which is the default setting upon getting the headset. The button placement is fine, although this is again a little nitpick, but I wish the Bluetooth & Mode Buttons were a bit different in terms of structure, they’re easy to get mixed up.

Let’s get to the main reason why most people would consider buying the Stealth 700, the overall sound quality. You’ll get no complaints from me in regards to this aspect. For someone that primarily uses gaming headsets for multiplayer games such as Overwatch and Call of Duty, this headset is such a wonderful benefit. I can hear every footstep in Overwatch, I can hear the direction in which gunfire is coming in Call of Duty, I’ve even started using this thing for music on the Spotify app on PS5. The 3D Audio that this headset advertises is credible and is a testament to the internal design. Sound Quality is 10/10 from me and is something that I must commend Turtle Beach on.

The advertised battery life is around 20 hours and I would say that’s pretty much on the mark in my experience. If the headset is at a full charge you can 100% do a full day of gaming without having to worry about charging it. Charging doesn’t even take long in its own right, In my experience, it never took over 3 hours to get my headset to 100%.

Not to mention, the Stealth 700 works on Nintendo Switch & PC as well, which is a nice upswing. If you want to use a Stealth 700 on Xbox, you’ll need the one that’s exclusively made for Xbox Consoles. This, in particular, will possibly be a slight annoyance for many because as far as I know, you can’t use the Playstation Stealth 700 on an Xbox and vice-versa.

Now the point of this review is to give my honest thoughts on this headset and if I’d recommend it to you. I spent over a week with it and I have no intentions to stop using it anytime soon. The sound quality, comfort (for the most part), battery life, simple Bluetooth connectivity and so much more gives this headset a thumbs up to me. The grievances I did have aren’t enough for me to not recommend it to you. I will admit, the headset is a bit costly with its retail price set at USD 149.95 USD. With next-gen consoles here and with many having already acquired the hardware or planning to, if you’re an avid headset user, I would consider giving the Stealth 700 Gen 2 a look.


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Long Battery Life
  • Over-Ear Comfort
  • Nicely Integrated Mic
  • Easy Connectivity


  • Stiff In Some Instances

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