Kena: Bridge of Spirits Gets New Trailer; Releasing August 24th

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was first revealed back at the PlayStation 5 reveal event in June of 2020. The game might’ve been made from a small indie team but coming out of that showcase, it was one of the more talked about games among people and has received a great following ever since the initial showing.

Kena was set to release in 2020 but received a delay into 2021. We haven’t heard much about the game and haven’t even seen it since last year until today’s State of Play showcase. Developer of Kena, Ember Lab released a 3-minute trailer showcasing the gameplay, visuals, and so much more for their upcoming title.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is set to release on August 24, 2021, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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