Life is Strange: True Colors Officially Announced

Life is Strange has proven to be a notable franchise for Square Enix over the years. Life is Strange has received 2 full-fledged video game releases along with a DLC in between. It was a probability that we’d get another Life Is Strange game sometime after the release of Life is Strange 2.

Square Enix had a digital showcase earlier today titled “Square Enix Presents”. We knew that the new Life is Strange game would be unveiled here and the info given about the title left a lot to dissect.

It’ll be titled Life Is Strange: True Colors set in Haven Springs, Colorado with a new protagonist, Alex Chen who has a psychic power of Empathy that allows her to feel and control others’ feelings. All Life is Strange: True Colors episodes will release all at once instead of waiting for episodes to come out. You can check out the official announcement trailer below.

Unlike the first two Life Is Strange games, True Colors won’t be developed by DONTNOD Entertainment. Instead, it’ll be developed by Deck Nine Games, the developer of the standalone DLC, Life is Strange: Before The Storm. Deck Nine Games has said that they’ve been working on True Colors since 2017

Vice President of Deck Nine Games, Jeff Litchford delved in on the announcement of Deck Nine Games, some of his words can be read in an excerpt in the press release below.

It has been such an honor to return to the vibrant, emotive, and impactful world of Life is Strange. We are delighted to share this new story with you: a story of empathy, human connection, and the struggle to find a place to call home. All of the advancements in storytelling, development technology, and premium voice acting that we have made since Life is Strange: Before the Storm will allow players to be more immersed in the compelling world of Life is Strange: True Colors than ever before.

Jeff Litchford, Vice President of Deck Nine Games

As a bonus announcement, Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm will be bundled in a remastered edition. Straight from Square Enix, “this collection will contain remastered editions of Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm, featuring improved visuals and animations. The collection will be available as part of the Ultimate Edition of Life is Strange: True Colors and as a stand-alone edition later this year.”

Life is Strange has a loyal following and by all means, it can be classified as a successful franchise. The look and feel of the trailer with the graphics, story, and overall tone are sure to be an interesting ride for Deck Nine Games, Square Enix, and the Life is Strange community as a whole.

Life is Strange: True Colors will release on September 10, 2021, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

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