Sony Reveals Next-Gen VR Controller Details

Last month, Sony revealed details on the upcoming next-gen VR system for PlayStation 5. While the information we received in February was for the next VR system as a whole, this time Sony has revealed details on one specific component regarding the next-gen VR system, the controller.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Sony went in-depth in what features the controller will include and the design itself. One thing that’s obvious from the image at the top of this article is that this design is certainly unique. The reasoning for the circular handgrip controller design was explained in the blog post which you can read in an excerpt below.

The first thing you’ll notice with our next-gen VR controller is the unique design, which takes on an “orb” shape that allows you to hold the controller naturally, while playing with a high degree of freedom. There are no constraints with how you’re moving your hands, providing developers with the ability to create unique gameplay experiences.

We also designed the new controller with great ergonomics in mind, so it’s well-balanced and comfortable to hold in each of your hands. We applied learnings from testing users with a range of hand sizes, as well as the decades of insights from controllers across all PlayStation platforms. The result is an iconic design that will change how VR games are played.

Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of Platform Planning & Management

The features of the new VR controller are the most interesting thing to come out of this blog post. We already knew from last month’s info drop that the VR controller will have features carried over from the DualSense such as Adaptive triggers and Haptic feedback.

Some features that Sony hasn’t gone too in-depth with are Finger touch detection and Tracking. Finger touch detection can detect your fingers without even pressing buttons on the controller and the way tracking works through to the new VR system is through a ring at the bottom of the controller.

Sony revealed that prototype development units of the new VR system will be going out soon, so it won’t be long until developers see the kind of capabilities they have on their hands.

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