Report: Microsoft In Talks To Purchase Discord

Last year, Microsoft made one of the biggest purchases in the history of the video game industry, financially and monumentally. Microsoft purchased Bethesda for a reported $7.5 Billion and just recently that deal has been finalized.

According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Microsoft is in talks to make another huge purchase with Discord. Discord is a video-game chat platform that millions use daily.

Bloomberg reports that Discord reached out to potential buyers with Microsoft in the running for the acquisition. Microsoft is said to be in talks to purchase Discord for more than $10 Billion. The sources have told Bloomberg that no deal is imminent but there are discussions.

Anything could happen with this reported deal. Discussions may shut down and the deal may not happen, but the chances of that happening aren’t too likely. We’ll have to wait and see where this reported deal goes and if an announcement happens sometime this year.

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