Hi-Fi Rush Announced At Xbox Developer Direct; Game Releases Today

Today's Xbox Developer Direct originally only promised 4 games but developer Tango Gameworks came out with a surprise. Hi-Fi Rush was announced at the Developer Direct and is described as a rhythm action-based game. Not only was the announcement surprising, but there's also the fact that the game is set for release TODAY. https://twitter.com/bethesda/status/1618342955202256928?t=8-wlxtp_iq7Y-XLeRQgyEg&s=19 Hi-Fi... Continue Reading →


Arkane Studios, the developer behind Prey and Dishonored have been working on Deathloop for a while now. The game has gone through a delay and many gameplay showcases, mostly at PlayStation presentations and now its release date is official. Deathloop has gone gold ahead of its release on September 14, 2021. Early previews from months... Continue Reading →

Bethesda Opens Roundhouse Studios

Human Head Studios is the developer known for titles such as Prey, the Rune series, and The Quiet Man (A title they'd probably like you to forget). Today, the studio has officially announced its closing as of today, just after their release of Rune 2 earlier in the week. Although Human Head Studios is closing... Continue Reading →

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