Microsoft Announces 10-Year Commitment To Bring Call of Duty To Nintendo Switch

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has just announced on Twitter that Microsoft has entered into a commitment to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo platforms following the Xbox and Activision Blizzard King merger. Along with this, Phil Spencer said in a follow-up tweet that following the merger, Call of Duty will continue to be... Continue Reading →

Halo Infinite Gets Multiplayer Reveal

The reveal for Halo Infinite has long been anticipated by many after the games' initial delay last year. 343 Industries and Microsoft have made it known for weeks that we'd get our first in-depth look at Halo Infinite in almost a year at E3. We got exactly that with 2-minute reveal trailer for Halo Infinite... Continue Reading →

Report: Microsoft In Talks To Purchase Discord

Last year, Microsoft made one of the biggest purchases in the history of the video game industry, financially and monumentally. Microsoft purchased Bethesda for a reported $7.5 Billion and just recently that deal has been finalized. According to a recent report from Bloomberg, Microsoft is in talks to make another huge purchase with Discord. Discord... Continue Reading →

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