Metacritic Disables User Reviews By 36 Hours After A Video Game Release

Metacritic feels like the deciding factor for most when it comes to purchasing video games. For some, they could care less about the Metacritic scores for a game and just buy it to form their own opinion. For others, early Metacritic reviews dictate whether or not they decide to buy a video game or not. It’s a subjective thing, but one thing is for sure about Metacritic, almost everyone goes on the site to see a general consensus of a product from critics and users alike.

Although Metacritic is a place for people to express their opinion on a product, recent events have led to some changes to the way the site is run. Recently, The Last of Us Part II was released, which you can read my review for here. The game is very divisive to say the least and that was something I and many others expected after our experience with Naughty Dog’s latest title. It was very clear that a lot of people weren’t happy with the direction The Last of Us as a franchise was taking. So in turn, the day the User Reviews for The Last of Us Part II were opened up the game was heavily review bombed (an abundance of people putting in negative reviews for a product).

This was a problem mostly because it was impossible for all of those people that review bombed the title to play through The Last of Us Part II to even dignify their displeasure towards the game. It was something many people took notice of including Metacritic themselves. As a result of the review bombing situation with The Last of Us Part II, Metacritic has made a change that User Reviews for a Video Game will be opened up 36 hours after the game’s release. The change was found upon looking at the Ghost of Tsushima review page.

It seems as though this will be a permanent change for Metacritic to avoid review bombing for Video Games immediately upon release.

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